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Mrspyer is a popular media outlet dedicated to security product reviews. The engineers, device reviewers, experienced journalists, and videographers on our team work together to provide industry-leading reporting for readers interested in technology.

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We create quality research put together in a way that’s fun and easy to read. Rest assured, we will continue to provide the best safety information available anywhere on or off the Internet.

Our team:

  • Chief Editor: David Romero
  • Authors: Darina K, Helga G.

We don’t just review security products, we put them through rigorous hands-on testing to make sure they really work. Our team has spent thousands of hours installing, testing and verifying everything we write about on our web pages.

Website Chief Editor: David Romero, is our chief security officer. He spends a lot of time analyzing various software that can keep you safe in real life and online as well.

In addition to being good at software, he likes good wine and plays in a music band in his spare time.


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