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Our website not only aims to be a reference for all people who are interested in hacking a cell phone in a legal and effective way, but we aim to present the best possible content regarding mobile spy software reviews and spy apps buying guides, including in each text all the necessary information to get the services of a monitoring software.

Writers who prioritize first-hand analysis

We have a team of writers with extensive experience in the technology source, who also use the applications themselves with the intention of presenting reviews and buying guides with direct experience, in addition to the arduous research process put into each case to confirm customer ratings of the spy software, as well as the reliability of each option.

Categories that guide us to well-informed verdicts

We follow a series of parameters for the publication of each of our user guides and reviews of cell phone tapping applications. In this group of categories you will find aspects such as:

Analysis on the actual performance and performance of the main monitoring software on the market.
Compatibility of the apps reviewed with different types of devices and operating systems.
Detailed breakdown of features and tools.
Step-by-step tutorials on how to install each of the spy applications, as well as essential requirements for their daily use.
Comparisons between different cell phone hacking programs, including brief price capsules.
Alerts about possible scams or dangers in the field of smartphone spying.
Basic information about more complicated hacking processes, specifically designed for people with advanced computer skills.
Description of the customer service departments of the services and applications we review.

Transparency defines our work

We know how complicated it can be to find the ideal service when it comes to identifying the monitoring software that best suits your requirements, so we try to stick to transparency in the reviews of each spy software or cell phone tapping method we publish.

The ratings of the team are based on direct and personal experience of use, in addition to a thorough research process to cover all points related to the mobile spy software reviewed. And, as nothing in this life is perfect, you will notice that we talk about both the positive aspects of these applications, as well as the points where they need to improve.

And it is precisely this line of work that forces us to notify all our readers in case we have received any commission for linking any spy app on, since otherwise we would be hindering the vision that guides us in relation to transparency.

Enter now in our reviews and buying guides section so you can start to know in depth all the features of the best cell phone spy apps on the market!

Are cell phone spy software legal?

Are spywares legal?

One of the biggest concerns of many of our readers is related to the level of legality of mobile spy software, and the truth is that there is no single answer to this question. There are details to be taken into account, and they vary from case to case. But, in a nutshell, we can tell you that:

If the spy app you want to use is paid and, more importantly, has some kind of certification and a good amount of positive reviews from real customers, then yes, that mobile hacking software is legal.

If, on the other hand, you are using a solution that claims to be free or resorting to the services of a professional hacker, then you have a very high chance of being involved in any illegality, regardless of where you live or the level of trust you have with the person to be monitored via their smartphone or iPhone.
Additionally, it is important to clarify that, if you opt for the use of a legal and certified monitoring software, you will also have to notify the person that their mobile is tapped so as not to break any type of law.

Why would you need a monitoring software?

There are several reasons that may lead you to hire the services of an application to spy on cell phones, but among all the possibilities there are three recurring scenarios that appear with more continuity among surveys and user opinions:

Why you might need

1. Care for children with access to smartphones
From the peace of mind of knowing that your children are at school during the corresponding hours, to the necessary control to prevent them from avoiding their school work because they are distracted by video games or entertainment applications on their smartphones, and even protection in cases of possible cyberbullying, there are many scenarios that would lead you to tap your children’s cell phones.

2. Supervision of your company’s personnel during working hours
Regardless of whether it is a small or medium-sized company, today’s corporate environment requires employers to provide their workers with electronic devices, mainly laptops and smartphones. With a spy application you can ensure that your employees attend work meetings on time, in addition to avoiding as far as possible any leakage of information.

3. A digital ally in personal relationship conflicts
Living together as a couple does not always take positive paths, and people who are going through marital problems often seek the help of monitoring software to confirm or dismiss suspicions they may have. We will not doubt that this is a morally debatable use, but we will stick to the old saying that “all is fair in love and war”.

4. An additional layer of protection for your own mobile
On the other hand, monitoring apps are also an ideal tool for protecting your smartphone, regardless of whether it has an Android or iOS operating system. In addition to the necessary help of an antivirus to protect you from digital threats, a spy software will help you locate your device in case you have lost it, or simply to block or delete the stored information if your phone is stolen.

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