How to Find and Track Someone Location by Cell Phone Number

How to track a phone number?

You probably know that your phone’s location can be tracked by your number. Well, can I also track someone’s location using their phone? Yes, it’s possible.

There are several ways to track someone’s location using their cell phone number. These methods work on both iPhones and Android devices. They will give you the exact location of the desired device. This article will tell you everything you need to know about this topic.

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How to find and track someone location with phone number

How to track the location by phone number?

There are special apps on the market to find phone numbers. However, all the methods you will find on the Internet require physical access to the phone at least once. But that doesn’t always work for us.

There are situations where you need an app that only performs operations on the target person’s phone number, without asking for physical access or asking for a location.

Such programs also exist. It should be noted that not all such tracking programs work stably and qualitatively, so we recommend you to use a proven option.

Apps for phone tracking without access to the phone


  • Runs on all phones

  • Grab real-time location

  • Any mobile number

  • Unlimited geo-location requests

The best cell phone tracker according to our editorial board is In a few minutes, this phone locator will show you the exact location of the desired device.

Using a special link, you can get a trial version for just 1 dollar. A great price for this kind of information, don’t you think?



The Geofinder service allows you to quickly and easily track the location of a phone number. You can simply enter the number and it will find the location of any mobile device. Geofinder is able to track devices on any platform, whether it’s an iOS device or an Android phone.

How do I track anyone’s phone with Geofinder?

  1. Enter the phone number you want to track. Geofinder will determine whether or not it can find that device
  2. If it finds the location, you will need to create an account
  3. To save money, you can use the trial version of Geofinder
  4. After registration, you will be able to track the device at any time


As you can see, this method is quite simple and effective. At the same time, its cost is minimal, given the value of the information provided by this locator.

This method of locating is very effective if you need to track a person’s phone or find a lost phone. It does not even require the installation of a location tracker on the target device.

Is it suitable for Android or iPhone? location service will work equally well on iOS and Android phones.

Working with Geofinder is intuitive, so it does not require you to have any technical knowledge. We believe that everyone can learn Geofinder successfully.

How does Geofinder work?

Each telephone has a built-in location tracker, the data which can be obtained by exchanging information with various services which collect data from browsers, social networks, and so on.

The programs which locate the device get that data from other services and send it to you. It is very simple.

You just enter the phone number you want to track and in a couple of minutes, you’ll see the location of the phone.

What other phone locator tools do we recommend?

There are quite a few different offerings on the market. All of these tracking tools allow you to locate a person’s phone without them knowing.


  • Completely Private

  • No installation required

  • Supports old phones

  • Works on iOS and Android is another reliable solution for tracking someone’s phone without their knowledge. They offer you to buy a trial version for $1 to test the service.

Localize will allow you to track your cell phone anywhere in the world. It works with both Android and iOS devices. As with Geofinder, you will only be able to see the GPS location of the device.


Phone finder apps with phone access

To work with these applications, you need to pre-install a special program on it. Access will be required only once, and then you can get all the data about this phone: to determine the location, to access the applications insragram, facebook or whatsapp.


These programs are designed for parental control and allow you to track the location of your child at any time. You can also track the whereabouts of your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend.

With mobile technology, tracking their location is quite possible with both GPS and mobile technology.

Warning! Before using these apps, make sure you do your research to check the app before you use it.

With these apps, not only can you find out the location of the person you are tracking, but you can also track the history of all the places where they have been. You no longer need to contact your cell phone carrier to find out the location. Instead, you can track the location of your cell phone by its number using a special cell phone tracking app.

Best Location Tracking Apps

  1. uMobix
  2. mSpy
  3. Cocospy




  • Easy installation

  • GPS Location Tracker

  • Keylogger, geolocator

  • Call and message log

  • Call and SMS Tracker

  • Phone Location Tracker

  • Geofence Alert

  • Social network tracker

  • Monitor Calls, SMS

  • Current GPS location

  • Tracking social media

  • Keylogger, Geo-fencing



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uMobix main functions

  • Call Logs (iOS and Android)
  • Contact list (iOS and Android)
  • Text messages (iOS and Android)
  • GPS position (Android only)
  • Online Status (iOS and Android)
  • Geolocator (iOS and Android)
  • Device information (iOS and Android)

uMobix description

uMobix is often chosen by parents who not only want to track their child’s location using their mobile device, but also to get more data about their child’s call log, contact list, and other information about their phone.


The uMobix app can track your phone’s location in real time without it feeling like it’s on the target device. It features an advanced GPS tracker with an interactive map that allows parents to track their child’s location in real time.

In addition to real-time location tracking, uMobix also transmits data on the entire history of places visited by the owner of the device, with time stamps. This makes uMobix a great parental control tool that we recommend to you.

How do I track my phone’s location with uMobix?

Setting up uMobix

  1. Create a paid uMobix account by choosing the subscription plan that suits you best (the cost of the plan depends on the number of months)
  2. On your desired device, open the link provided to you during registration
  3. As soon as you open the link, the app will start downloading automatically
  4. Press “Install” button when the download is completed
  5. Next, go to the uMobix installation wizard to complete the installation process
  6. Press “Agree and continue”.
  7. Select the uMobix features you want to monitor
  8. Go to the installed services and enable “User Accounts”
  9. Click “Configure automatically” to complete the installation process

Tracking the location of uMobix

After installation and setup, log in to your uMobix account from your browser, go to the location section and start tracking the location of your target device in real time. You’ll also be able to see a detailed route history there.



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Cocospy main features

  • View your location based on GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Viewing time in and out of a location
  • Read address and geographic coordinates

Cocospy description

The next application on our list is Cocospy. This service is the best for GPS and SIM location tracking. The app’s intuitive location tracking feature allows you to track the current and past location of the desired device.


With Cocospy, you can view the time your target phone enters and exits from a specific location.

Location can also be tracked via GPS, Wi-Fi, and SIM cards, which greatly extends its range of action.

With the Cocospy app, finding a network location is quite easy. You get full remote access to the SIM-card data of the phone. You can view the IMEI number, check the operator data and get a notification when the SIM-card changes.

How can I track the location of my phone with Cocospy?

Setting up Cocospy

  1. Create a paid Cocospy account (tariff depends on the number of months)
  2. Open the download link on the phone you want to track
  3. The link will be sent to your mailbox when you open your Cocospy account Disable all the security functions of the target device to make the installation process smooth
  4. Go to “system service” and install the downloaded file
  5. Open the file and select the permissions you want.
  6. Select the “Hide the application” checkbox and click “Complete installation”.

Tracking Cocospy Location

After installation, log into your Cocospy dashboard through your device and select the “Location” tab located on the bottom left side of the screen. You will now be able to track your phone’s location with Cocospy in real time.



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mSpy main functions

  • Call monitoring (iOS and Android)
  • Contact list (iOS and Android)
  • Current GPS Location (Android only)
  • Geo-Fencing (Android only)

mSpy description

mSpy is one of the most famous and popular applications for tracking your phone. This application is easy to set up and use. mSpy integrates easily with various devices on both Android and iOS. mSpy pinpoints the exact location of the cell phone you are tracking on a detailed map.


mSpy will allow you to check your entire route history for a given time interval, and get detailed data: address, coordinates, accuracy, and time of location.

How do I track my phone’s location with mSpy?

Set up mSpy

  1. Open your paid mSpy account and select a subscription plan (depends on how long you use it)
  2. Select the type of device you want to track
  3. Install the app on the device you are tracking
  4. Open your browser and paste the link you received in your email when you opened your mSpy account
  5. Download the file and click the install button when the download is complete
  6. Complete the installation on your target device
  7. Next, allow all necessary permissions
  8. Enter the registration code you received when you registered mSpy
  9. Click “Complete Installation

Tracking mSpy Location

After completing the installation. Open your mSpy account in the browser of your computer and click the “Location” tab in the toolbar. You can now track the location of your desired phone in real time.

Location Tracking Devices for Android

You need to download and install a small app on your target Android devices, such as Cocospy or uMobix. The app will run in the background and send you the location of your Android phone over the Internet. The app can send you periodic location updates and other data.

You can track any brand of Android phone such as Samsung, Google Pixel, Asus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, or any other phone.

Location Tracking Devices for iOS

All popular tracking programs like uMobix or mSpy work with iOS phones, so you won’t have any problems tracking your iPhone. There are also programs that periodically retrieve an iCloud backup on the target device. You can set up the app right from your web browser and start remote tracking.

Reverse Phone Lookup

There are many websites and applications for reverse phone lookup. These services help you track phone numbers and find out where calls came from and who they came from. For each of these, you can use a website or app to look up the phone number.


BeenVerified is a fairly popular phone finder service. BeenVerified has a large database of aggregated data from public records, social media accounts, property records, criminal history information and more. The detailed information you can get from BeenVerified includes the owner’s name, age, photos, contact information, social media profiles, work history, and other biographical information, if available.


Intelius reverse phone search provides a comprehensive phone number search. You can use it to identify the owner of a phone number. Simply enter the number you want to find and click the “Search” button. The Intelius service will go through its large database and create a report that can include the phone type, owner’s name, address, and lots of other information.


PeopleLooker is a powerful online research service that has one of the most comprehensive collections of reference information and social media profiles. The PeopleLooker service provides a reverse phone search that allows you to identify a person by their phone number and get all the background information that is associated with that person.

How to use Reverse Phone Lookup services

  1. Go to the service website
  2. Enter the phone number and click search
  3. The service will give you a comprehensive report that will help you uncover all the information about the person behind the number.

Reverse Phone Lookup services usually have apps for iOS and Android. This can be very convenient for you.

How to find someone’s location?

Free Phone Tracking Apps

The best way to track your phone is to use a reliable third-party tracking app or website. It’s convenient and fairly affordable, and some of these tools are actually free.

Free Android and iOS Tracking Apps

All Android and iOS devices have their own device finder apps specifically designed for when your phone is lost or stolen.

However, you can also use these programs to track the location of your children or relatives.

“Find My iPhone” for iOS

Find My iPhone is an in-house app on your iPhone. You don’t need to install it, the ” Find iPhone ” feature is already built into iOS, so you don’t need to download it from the App Store.

You can use it to track your phone’s location, even lock and wipe it while it’s connected to the Internet.

Activate Find My iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap your name and Apple ID at the top
  • Tap iCloud
  • Select “Find iPhone” and turn it on

Now you can track your phone online through or by logging into your iCloud ID from any iOS device: another iPhone, iPad, or iMac.

Find My Device for Android

Find My Device also lets you track your phone remotely. This is the Google Play Protect app, which is designed to protect your phone from malicious apps and unauthorized access.

How to download the Android app?

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for “Find My Device”
  • Install app
  • Once installed, sign in to Find My Device using your Google account
  • Give the app access to your location (use an internet connection)
  • Now you can track your phone and use additional features such as remote locking and deleting data from your phone.

Find location by phone number

Location tracking apps how to choose?

Everyone may have their own reasons for locating someone’s location by cell phone number. Parents need to know their child’s whereabouts to keep them safe. Sometimes you may suspect your spouse of cheating and want to determine his or her whereabouts. Guys and girls are always interested in each other’s whereabouts.

There are many different tracking programs, from services like Google geolocation for Android and iOS to various apps and websites. They can be either paid or free. If you use free services, you pay for something else, such as your information and security.

There are also two types of location services: with or without installing the application on the phone being tracked.

When you not only want to know the location of your child for example but also get more data about his phone, contacts, and calls, we recommend using a program such as uMobix or mSpy.

If you don’t have access to the phone, it’s easier to use Localize or Geofinder services.

How do phone location tracking apps work?

Location tracking applications use a cell phone’s built-in GPS and the phone’s connection to the cellular network to locate the phone.

Cell phone service providers use towers to transmit a signal to their customers. Using such a technique, called cellular triangulation technology, phone tracking applications can determine the GPS coordinates of any device on the cellular network.

This makes it possible to track a person’s current location and location logs, using only the phone number, in a matter of minutes.

The app tracks the right Android and iOS phone using built-in GPS and WiFi signals. It can also track phone numbers via SIM card. You can learn how to track the location of your cell phone without installing any software. You just need to set it up first.

In this article, we have told you about all the known methods of tracking your phone’s location. Using a mobile number tracker to track someone’s movements and view their device activity is pretty simple and hassle-free. It’s confidential and efficient. Choose the best way to solve your problem, considering your needs, capabilities, and budget.

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